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Paternity DNA Test in Katra, Jammu & Kashmir

DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. gives a promise of quality and fast results for paternity testing services. We have now started providing the best Paternity DNA Test in Katra, Jammu & Kashmir and already have a sample collection center in this city. You can also call for free counseling and find out the type of paternity test you need.

DNA paternity testing accurately identifies relationships between people and most commonly it is used to establish if a man is the true biological father of a child or not. A paternity test involves taking a buccal swab or blood sample from the client and evaluating it.

Our sample collection method is simple and usually obtained from the buccal cells or the inside portion of the cheek of your mouth. Then, the samples are studied in our accredited testing laboratory to provide the conclusive results.

We offer the following types of DNA paternity and related tests: legal paternity (for the courts), informational paternity (for peace of mind), sibling DNA, family reconstruction and grandparent DNA.

Beside paternity DNA test, we have a broad portfolio of tests including, maternity testing, sibling testing, Kinship testing, dead body identifications, Immigration DNA testing and many more. We also keep our turnaround times tight and results are in fact ready in 4-5 business days.

If you are in a rush, we can speed up the results of the DNA tests at additional charges by the same day or the next day facility. You must visit our testing lab in New Delhi for providing your DNA samples, and we are the only laboratory in India to provide this facility. You can also visit any of DFL sample collection centers to provide your DNA samples. The Express Testing facility Turnaround Timings, as mentioned earlier, will apply once we receive your DNA samples at our Delhi laboratory.

DFL offers home sampling for Paternity DNA Test in Katra, Jammu & Kashmir and ensures accurate test results maintaining confidentiality and privacy of customers. For any queries and to make an appointment please fill the form below and our executive will get in touch with you or you can give us a call at: +91 8010177771, whatsapp: +91 9213177771.

Paternity DNA test in Katra Jammu & Kashmir

Maternity DNA test in Katra Jammu & Kashmir

Relationship DNA test in Katra Jammu & Kashmir

Immigration DNA test in Katra Jammu & Kashmir

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    Paternity DNA Test in Katra, Jammu & Kashmir
    Katra Jammu and Kashmir 182320
    Phone: +91 8010177771
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