Sibling ship DNA test

The sibling DNA tests determine whether the individuals are siblings, half-siblings or if they have unrelated family DNA. Whenever the mother (s) is known, it is strongly recommended to include them in the test. Including the mother (s) in the test multiplies the combined odds ratio by ten. As a result, you could see a 98% probability instead of just 83%.

Sibling-ship DNA test relies on a statistical probability. Unlike paternity tests, sibling-ship DNA tests do not need to provide genetic profiles that match all genetic markers.

Full Siblings: Full sibling DNA test is performed when two siblings share one biological parent and would like to know if they share the other parent as well or not.

Half Siblings: DNA test is performed when two alleged siblings believe they only share one biological parent.

Twin Zygosity: In this test, the DNA of two individuals is tested against each other to conclude if they are identical or fraternal twins.

Samples are collected by using oral swabs. We also provide a home kit facility which will contain 4 coded swabs as per applicant. Swabs are rubbed inside the mouth and under the tongue for around ten seconds and then be left to dry. Kits also contain instructions and consent forms. Clients need to ensure to fill in the consent forms before returning their samples back to us for further processing and results are ready in 3-5 working days following the receipt of samples at the laboratory.

DNA Forensics Laboratory guides the customer through the entire process ­ right from sample collection till the submission of conclusive result and undertakes the DNA analysis of two alleged siblings independently.

If you are seeking to establish that two individuals are biological siblings and the alleged parents are unavailable or are not willing to provide their DNA sample, a Sibling-ship Test is performed to analyze the relationship between two individuals.

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