Court Approved Paternity DNA Test

Court Approved Paternity Dna Test

A Legal DNA Paternity Test is conclusive proof of the biological relationship between a child and the alleged father, intended to resolve a legal case. The test is also called a Court Approved Paternity Test in this configuration.

Generally, a Paternity Test is done for one’s peace of mind. Sometimes a DNA test may be required in a legal case. In such a condition, Legal DNA Paternity Test is done. Though the methodology is the same for both peace of mind paternity test and a Paternity Test for Court, there is a critical difference between the sample collection method for both. Here’s what you should know!

Who Can Get a Legal Paternity DNA Test In India?

There is no age limit for a Legal DNA Paternity Test or a regular paternity test, for that matter. Paternity tests can also be performed for newborns, as well as for an unborn child using a Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity DNA Test. DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. (DFL) is the only Indian company to offer legal DNA tests, including the Legal Paternity DNA test in India. A Legal DNA Paternity Test is a Paternity Test for Court cases that guarantee accuracy, reliability, and thus admissibility in the court. The report for the court-admissible paternity test reveals a greater than 99.9% probability of paternity for inclusions and 100% for exclusions.

At DFL, we run each Legal DNA paternity test with utmost precision and care for 100% accuracy, making our Court-admissible paternity test reports highly reliable.

Sample Collection For Court Approved Paternity Test

A legal Paternity DNA Test or court-admissible paternity test is conducted in the presence of the hearing judge or a court-authorized person according to the norms of a Legal DNA Test. The following represents the whole sample collection process for a Legal DNA Paternity Test for Court.

  • The hearing judge orders a Legal DNA Paternity Test to DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd.
  • The samples are collected with a proper chain of custody in the court in front of the judge on the appointed date. Often, the judge appoints a representative to supervise the DNA Sample collection.
  • The sample is brought to our testing facility, and DNA testing is done.
  • Finally, the test report is sent to the hearing judge directly. To maintain the discretion, the test report for a Court Approved Paternity Test is sent to the judge and not the tested parties.

Legal DNA Paternity Test

Uses of Legal Paternity DNA Test in India

  • It serves as reliable evidence of the paternal relationship between a child or adult and the alleged father, necessary in certain legal matters.
  • Necessary for and assists greatly in child custody, adoption, child support, birth certificates, immigration test, and court decisions.
  • Strengthens the link between the father and the child.

A Legal DNA paternity test provides perfect identity and is admissible by the courts. The admissibility of a court-admissible paternity test depends on proper collection, preservation, and documentation, which can satisfy the court that the evidence (the result of the Legal paternity test) is reliable. Following proper Chain-of-Custody, we collect the samples of the child and the alleged father and the mother to provide admissible results in a Legal DNA Paternity Test case.

At DFL, we conduct every Legal DNA paternity test using a premium 22 genetic marker in our State-of-the-Art NABL-accredited testing laboratory and utilizing advanced analyzers. We are operating from 400+ sample collection centers for our DNA Tests.

Our sample collection method is easy and painless, and we provide the test results for a Legal DNA Paternity Test in 4-5 business days after we have received your DNA sample at our testing lab.

Every Court Admissible Paternity Test at DFL remains confidential and intact.

To know more about a Legal Paternity DNA Test in India, contact our customer service representative on  +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp on +91 9213177771.

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