Ancestry DNA Test In India

Ancestry DNA Test

Ancestral Genetics has proven to be the most effective and accurate way of getting familiar with our long-gone forefathers. Long gone are the times when keeping pedigree records was the only way to trace family trees. Today, a DNA test comes in handy should you choose to know about your ancestral past. Advancements in DNA testing technologies made this possible, and today, with the help of suitable Ancestry DNA tests, you can get interesting pieces of information about your ancestors’ origin, their migration, etc.

DNA Ancestry Test In India – How We Do It!

There are thousands of samples from populations around the world to detect DNA markers that can provide clues to your ancestral history. At DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd., we strive to provide you with a simple, accurate, reliable, and affordable way to unlock various pieces of information from your ancestral past with the help of a DNA Ancestry Test.

We use Ancestry Informative Markers to predict a person’s ancestry. One may have his/her ancestral roots in Northern India, Southwestern India, Southeastern India, Western Siberia, Silk Road, Northeastern Siberia, Northern Mongolia, Eastern Siberia, Northeastern China, Sino-Tibetan, and Hmongic Southeast Asia (Hmong Southeast Asia), Central Southern China (Yunnan and Guangxi), Tuva, Japan, Bougainville, Austronesian Southeast Asia, Papuan New Guinea, Austronesian Oceania, and Arabia ancestry.

These forecasts are based on statistics derived from the frequency, or even rarity, of certain genetic markers within populations. We can help you choose the best DNA ancestry tests that suit your requirement for finding ancestry-related queries.

Types of DNA Ancestry Tests in India

We offer the latest and some of the most advanced Ancestry Tests in India, with accurate reports and the best prices. Moreover, our specialized tests are available in different configurations, depending on the type of information you might be looking for. These tests help to find your ancestral origin, trace your paternal or maternal lineage, and pinpoint the geographical population of your forefathers & migrational routes over the course of time.

DNA Ancestral Origin Paternal Linage Testing

DNA Ancestral Origin Paternal Lineage Testing is among the commonly used ancestry DNA tests in India. In this test, Y chromosomes are used to trace the male ancestors of the father’s side of the family. This test in India is based on the fact that the sons inherit their father’s Y chromosome and pass it on to their children, and so on.

Scientific evidence shows that modern humans evolved 400,000 years ago in Africa and began to move outward. Special sections on the Y chromosome, called Short Tandem Repetitions (STR), are examined to determine a person’s Y-haplogroup, revealing the geographical origin of their ancestors, as evidenced by common DNA markers.

Note: Only men have the Y chromosome, but if a female wants to know about her paternal ancestry, she can ask her brother, father, or other members of the same paternal line to give their DNA sample for the Paternal Lineage Ancestry DNA Test.

DNA Ancestral Origin Maternal Linage Testing

The Maternal Lineage Ancestry DNA Test allows you to trace the origins of your ancestors on the maternal side. The results of this test show the geographic areas where your maternal ancestors originated generations ago.

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), which is inherited by both male and female offspring from the mother, is the foundation of this test. Large groups of people called haplogroups, which have the same genetic profile in their mitochondrial DNA, are studied for maternal lineage Ancestry DNA tests.

GPS Origin

GPS Origins test is the latest and the most advanced type of DNA Ancestry test in India.

GPS (Geographic Population Structure) testing technique assumes that each DNA signature is unique but shares many characteristics with the populations or tribes from which it originated.

We use the cheek swab of the person to be tested and analyze the DNA sample for more than 80,000 unique genetic markers. After that, we cross-check the information with different gene pools and 1,000+ reference populations.

The report of this test tells you about the origin of your family’s DNA and its migration. This is the most advanced type of DNA ancestry test available today and can pinpoint the location, which is narrowed down to even villages and towns. This location is where your ancestors from different cultures merged together to start what your present-day DNA is.

How is a GPS Origins Ancestry DNA Test Unique?

GPS Origins is a testament to ancestry DNA testing. It includes complete ancestral inheritance that includes the migrated roots along with important historical events and date stamps to describe your DNA evolution over time. This test is becoming increasingly popular in India and the world. It can trace the migrational route of your paternal and maternal ancestors back to where they first originated and dates the age of your DNA signature.

The traditional ancestry DNA test has the capability to detect a broad area/continent. But, a GPS Origins Test can identify when and where your DNA first formed by matching your DNA’s unique markers with those populations that came together to create your genetic line.

The GPS Origins test is a highly accurate DNA ancestry test; however, it could be affected by the family’s origin. If both of your parents are from the same country or geographical location, the test result will be accurate but slightly different if both parents are from different continents.

A Descriptive Personalized Report

At DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd., we provide you with test reports listing your unique DNA mix and the migrational route of your ancestors from your deep genealogical heritage.

For more information or to book DNA Ancestry Test in India, contact us at +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp at +91 9213177771.

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