DNA Profiling Test

DNA Profiling Test

Like fingerprints, your DNA fingerprint is also unique to you. With the latest advancements in diagnostic technologies and the introduction of DNA testing, today, you can confirm a person’s biological identity using a DNA test. Such a test is called a DNA fingerprinting test, or more appropriately – a DNA Profiling test.

The Process

DNA fingerprinting is known by many names, like DNA typing, genetic fingerprinting, genotyping, or identity testing.

The process is based on the isolation and identification of variable elements in the DNA sequence, which is unique to every person except identical twins. This includes determining minisatellites (2–6 base pairs long) or Microsatellites (2-6 base pairs long) in a person’s genome to identify and establish a unique pattern.

Any two people having identical DNA fingerprints is possible only in the case of identical twins.

Currently, DNA typing is done by the technique called STR Profiling. STR analysis is highly sensitive, so it only needs a comparatively smaller amount of DNA to produce precise results. The test we provide consists of 24 genetic marker profiles that can be used for legal purposes or for reasons of peace of mind.

Sample Used for DNA Profiling Test

Potentially, any biological sample from the human body may serve as a viable sample. However, a buccal swab and blood are primary samples for testing, while hair, nails, and other biological samples are alternatives. In terms of efficiency, blood and mouth swab samples are both the same. However, due to being painless, easy to handle, and carry, the buccal swab is the most preferred.

DNA Profiling Services in India

Uses of a DNA Profiling Test

There can be situations when identifying individuals or establishing family relationships is critical in public (legal/governmental) & private realms. Below are some examples where a DNA fingerprinting test may come in handy:

  • To confirm Biological Relationship – One of the most common uses of this test is to confirm biological relationships between individuals and include-
    • Paternity
    • Maternity
    • Siblingship
    • Grandparentage
    • Avuncular (For establishing the biological relationship between uncle/aunt with the nephew/niece)

Relationship tests can help people with peace of mind and in legal cases too.

  • For Organ Transplant Cases – In the case of a close relative donating an organ to a patient with critical organ failure, getting an Organ Transplant DNA Test is mandatory. This is provisioned by the Transplantation of Human Organs Act (THOA), 2014, and is one of the vital applications of DNA testing.
  • Immigration Test Purposes – Immigration is another important type of DNA Fingerprinting Test. It is better to get an immigration DNA test before applying for an immigration visa to avoid refusals.
  • Criminal Justice – Crime investigation agencies use various forensic analysis techniques, of which DNA fingerprinting is one of the most extensively used methods.

Specific other applications of a DNA test include ancestry testing and Cell Line Authentication.

At DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd., we provide accredited DNA tests at affordable prices. Besides providing accurate and reliable results, customer confidentiality is among our topmost priorities. Contact us to learn more about a DNA Profiling Test in India.

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