DNA Profiling Test

DNA profiling is a process of identifying a specific DNA pattern of a person or a sample of body tissue. DNA fingerprint, also called typing, DNA profile, genetic fingerprinting, genotyping or identity testing, in genetics, the method of isolation and identification of variable elements in the DNA sequence (deoxyribonucleic acid).

Genetic fingerprinting is a technique that simultaneously detects many minisatellites in the genome to produce a unique pattern for an individual. This is a DNA fingerprint. The probability of having two people with the same DNA fingerprint who are not identical twins is very small. Just like your fingerprint, your DNA fingerprint is something you were born with, it’s unique to you.

Today, DNA profiling is also called STR analysis and relies on microsatellites rather than on minisatellites used in DNA fingerprinting. The DNA is extracted from a biological sample. STR analysis is extremely sensitive, so it only needs a tiny amount of DNA to produce a precise result. As a result, DNA can be extracted from a larger number of biological samples, including blood, saliva and hair.

Uses of DNA profiling include:

  • Paternity – to know if the alleged father is actually the biological father of the child.
  • Twins – identical twins share the same genetic material, while fraternal (non-identical) twins develop from two eggs fertilized by two spermatozoa and are no more alike than siblings born at different times. It can be difficult to tell at birth if the twins are identical or fraternal.
  • Brothers and sisters – for example, adoptees may want to undergo DNA testing to ensure that their biological siblings are their siblings.
  • Immigration – some visa applications may depend on proof of relationship.
  • Criminal Justice – DNA testing can help solve crimes by comparing DNA profiles of suspects to offender samples. The DNA profiles are then stored in a database.

We ensure that all DNA profiles, samples and records will remain confidential in our testing laboratory. In addition, the information of our customers stored in the DNA database is only accessible to authorized persons. The test we propose consists of 24 genetic marker profiles that can be used for legal purposes or for reasons of peace of mind. We can recall here that test reports for forensic use are specially marked and have a different pay structure.

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