Signature Verification Forensics Test

Signature Verification Forensics Test
Signature Verification Forensics Test

Signatures are unique to every individual, just like the fingerprint of that individual. Signatures are widely used means of personal identification and verification of a person. A signature is a symbolic representation of consent to accept the signed document. In the case of forged signature, a Signature Verification Test can be a life-saver. With the intent of personal, professional, monetary, or other goals, a person may commit forgery by copying someone’s signature and using it wrongly. Some common examples of a signature include bank checks, agreements, contracts, and other documents.

At DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd., we provide various tests for signature verification involving alleged fraud, forgery, cheating, insurance claims, authentication of wills, etc. Using the specialized techniques and the skills of our Signature verification experts, we can declare a signature as genuine or fraudulent and save you from various unwanted circumstances.

Forgery is a crime. The signature may be valid, but how it was acquired may be fraudulent. DNA Forensics Laboratory uses the latest and most sophisticated Signature Verification Forensics Test to identify and prove the authenticity of signatures and detect signatures forgeries.

Normal False

Usually, in this case, the writer writes the name of another person. Usually, this is not an attempt to copy the signature, and any similarity is fortuitous.


The writer usually builds these signatures by practice and skill. They may be similar to authentic signatures. The signature of the model is memorized, and some movements are even practiced to produce it.


In such type of forgery, the forger traces the signature by the following techniques:

      • Transmitted light
      • Intermediate carbon
      • Indented pressure

Signature forgery can leave you in unrecoverable losses and attract various litigations and other unwanted situations. Using our services of Signature Verification Forensics Test, you can save yourself from these. 

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