Forensics Test

Forensic Tests are the answer to legal questions – includes fingerprint analysis, handwriting examination, document examination, photograph verification, certificate verification, employee verification and urinalysis –Drug & alcohol testing. In recent years, the use of forensic tests has progressively gained popularity as an effective and powerful means for seeking truth and justice.

However, forensic testing is flawless. DNA Forensics Laboratory Private Limited contributes to solve crime cases through investigating activities like determining the reason of death, identifying or examining suspects, finding missing persons and profiling criminals. During an investigation, evidence is collected from the crime scene or from a person by our authorized representative, analyzed in a NABL certified laboratory and then the results are presented in court. For us, each crime scene is exclusive and has its own challenges.

Our entire team at DFL is focused on providing the highest level of accurate service. We provide advice and support to all clients throughout the evidence review, testing and expert witness service process.

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