Paternity DNA Test

A paternity test is a type of DNA test used to establish the relationship between an alleged father and a child. Paternity DNA Test involves sample collection from the two individuals involved–the alleged father and the child–which are analyzed to determine if they both are genetically related or not.

The Paternity DNA Test results are accurate and reliable. Paternity testing allows us to identify whether or not two individuals share a similar DNA sequence, which then allows us to determine whether the two individuals are biologically related. AT DNA Forensics Laboratory, you can rest assured of the accuracy, reliability, as well as the Paternity DNA Test Cost.

Paternity testing in India is done for various purposes, including peace of mind, legal Paternity testing, Paternity DNA test for an Organ transplant, and immigration. The unique genes of each individual are encoded in their DNA and are transmitted from both parents to the children, and this serves as the basis for the Paternity Testing Services in India.

At DNA Forensics Laboratory, we provide you 100% accurate and reliable Paternity Testing Services. We keep your personal and test details confidential. We follow the highest industry standards at our testing facility to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of our DNA Tests. Our paternity testing services also comply with the legal guidelines making us the best option for a Legal Paternity DNA Test in India. DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. is the only company to provide Legal DNA tests, including Legal Paternity Testing Services. The Paternity DNA Test Cost in India varies due to the addition of various formalities in the test.

The following are some of the most common purposes of a Paternity DNA Test:

      • Confirming the biological father of the child
      • Helps in attaining child support and child custody
      • Asserting right to inherit
      • Immigration purpose
      • Legal parenthood disputes, court orders, and adoption

We provide Home Paternity Testing Kits for sample collection. You can opt for a Home collection by one of our Sample Collection Agents or collect your DNA sample yourself for the Paternity DNA test. It is easy, and the steps are mentioned in the kit. The DNA Testing Kit for a Paternity DNA Test (or any other test) contains buccal swabs which have to be rubbed against the cheek walls inside the mouth. After air-drying the swabs, you have to send them back to our testing facility by packing them in a tamper-proof envelope provided with the kit. Once we have received your samples at our testing facility, we start the analysis process for Paternity Testing and release your results within 5 working days.

For faster paternity testing services, you can go for the “Next Day Report” or the “Same Day Report” at marginal extra cost. The Paternity DNA Test Cost may vary in the express services.

At DNA Forensics Laboratory, we offer our services to all of India via our 400+ collection centers. You can visit the center near you and give your DNA sample for Paternity Testing. You can also rest assured about the Paternity DNA Test Cost at DNA Forensics Laboratory. We offer some of the best prices, and our Paternity DNA Test Cost is competitively priced to fit your budget.

A DNA test is often the only available and reliable means of the biological identity of a person or the relationship between two or more individuals. The Paternity Testing Services helps people establish the paternity between a child and the alleged father. 

We are committed to providing the best, unmatched Paternity Testing Services to our clients at the most competitive prices. The Hon’ble Courts of India also trust us for a Court Approved Paternity DNA Test in India.

We also provide one of the best and accredited Paternity Testing Services for Organ Transplant and Immigration cases at an affordable Paternity DNA test cost.

For further queries or to get a Paternity DNA Test in India, please call our helpline no: +91 8010177771. You can also live chat with our customer executives on our WhatsApp number: +91 9213177771.

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