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Paternity DNA Test in Dadar, Mumbai

With a simple Paternity DNA test in Dadar, Mumbai many problems have solved. DNA Forensics laboratory private limited have a broad range of DNA tests according to your needs including for peace of mind DNA tests/ informational DNA testing and legal/court proper DNA testing at affordable prices.

Knowing the biological family of a child is incredibly important for many reasons which can help manage overall life. Paternity DNA test helps in establishing peace of mind, legal and social benefits for the child, including financial support, social security, health insurance, veteran benefits, and government aid. It also helps in strengthening the bond between parents and child and gives the child a sense of identity by knowing who their biological parents are and where they come from.

Having a chain of custody and thus legally acceptable DNA results are especially important whenever you need DNA Test results for things such as Immigration, Social Security Benefits, and many more.

DFL is the only Lab in India to provide same day and next day facility for paternity and maternity DNA tests. To avail this facility, you have to bear additional charges and provide your DNA samples to our testing lab located in Delhi. If you cannot provide your DNA samples to our lab, you can visit one of DFL sample collection center near your location and can provide your DNA samples, for this condition, The Express Testing facility Timings will be applicable from the time we receive your DNA samples at our Delhi lab for processing.

With advanced DNA technology, there is no need for any parent to remain in doubt over the paternity of a child. A simple test, performed discreetly at home, will now provide an accurate and confidential answer to the most important question of your life. For Paternity DNA test in Dadar, Mumbai, please contact our experts at +91 8010177771 and get your queries answered at ease. You can also fill the given form below or WhatsApp us at +91 9213177771.

Paternity DNA test in Dadar

Maternity DNA test in Dadar

Relationship DNA test in Dadar

Immigration DNA test in Dadar

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    Paternity DNA Test in Dadar, Mumbai
    Near Thakur Hospital Ranade Road Shivaji Park,
    Dadar, Mumbai Maharashtra 400028
    Phone: +91 8010177771
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