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Paternity DNA Test in Bhavnagar, Gujarat

DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. gives an assurance of 100% accuracy and faster results for paternity DNA testing services. We have now started providing best Paternity DNA Test in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. You can also call for free counseling and find out the type of paternity DNA test you need.

The desire to know our biological roots is extremely strong, and so adults who are raised by adoptive parents or who have been conceived through donors often go searching for their birth-mother or birth-father for them also we conduct paternity DNA test. In many of these cases, a home paternity test or maternity test strictly for peace of mind is suitable. But if the child needs the relationship information for any of the reasons listed in this article (immigration, social security, inheritance, etc.) then we conducts a witnessed legal DNA test by maintaining chain-of-custody and an authorized representative collect the samples.

Being one of the top most DNA testing company in India, we offer 100% accuracy of the test results for various purposes. For us, our clients come first and we comprehend the value of these tests for you. We provide excellence in everything we do and maintain high quality standards in analysis of DNA samples to deliver you the most precise test results.

For paternity and maternity cases, we are providing express DNA test results in two configurations, i.e., the same day and next day result with additional charges. For this facility, you have to visit our Lab located in New Delhi or visit our any collection center for providing your DNA samples. The same Day and Next Day timings will be applicable since the time we receive your DNA samples at our Delhi lab.

Home sample collection facility is also available. For Paternity DNA Test in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, please fill the below form and our customer representative will contact you or for any further communication, call us at +91 8010177771 or whatsapp: +91 9213177771.

Paternity DNA test in Bhavnagar, Gujarat

Maternity DNA test in Bhavnagar, Gujarat

Relationship DNA test in Bhavnagar, Gujarat

Immigration DNA test in Bhavnagar, Gujarat

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    Paternity DNA Test in Bhavnagar, Gujarat
    Bhavnagar Gujarat 364001
    Phone: +91 8010177771
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