Maternity DNA Test

Getting a DNA Maternity Test in India is easier now. Maternity testing helps establish the biological relationship between a child or adult and the alleged mother. DNA Maternity Test in India is the most reliable and often the only method of establishing a maternal relationship. Because each individual receives half of their DNA from either parent, the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) from the mother aids in establishing maternity between a person and the alleged mother.

In a legal matter, the confidentiality of the test is an absolute must. Therefore, we keep our client’s personal and the test details completely confidential to others. For a Legal DNA Maternity Test in India, the sample is collected in front of the hearing judge or in the presence of a court-appointed representative. The test report is also sent directly to the judge for the admissibility of the test report.

Our sample collection process is painless, easy, and available all over India. You can visit one of our 400+ collection centers present in most of the major Indian cities and easily give your sample for the DNA Maternity Test in India.

DNA Forensics Laboratory is NABL accredited and maintains the highest standards for every test, including DNA maternity Test in India.

Maternity Testing finds a number of applications, like:

      • Establishing motherhood (maternal relationship)
      • Child custody
      • Immigration
      • Organ Transplant
      • Court-ordered test for parental conflict
      • DNA Maternity Test for Swapped Baby identification
      • Prove an adoptee’s relationship with the biological mother
      • In-vitro Fertilization (IVF)

We are committed to providing the fastest and 100% accurate DNA Maternity Test at the best prices to our clients. Besides the quality and accuracy of the tests, our clients’ confidentiality is among our topmost priorities. 

You can visit one of our 400+ collection centers in India to give your DNA sample for the test. Rigorously trained and expert professionals carry out the sample collection. Once in our testing facility, the DNA samples are handled with utmost care under ideal conditions, following which the technical staff carries out the DNA Maternity Test.

DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. is also trusted by the Indian Courts and is the only company to do Legal DNA Tests in India, including a Legal DNA Maternity Test in India. At DNA Forensics Laboratory, we also boast of our fastest report delivery service. We provide the report of a DNA test in 3-5 working days; however, using our express services, you can get your test report even on the same day (T&C apply).

For more information about a DNA maternity test in India, call us at +91 8010177771, +91 9213177771.

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