Legal DNA Test

A DNA Test can be the only available means of biological identification of an individual. DNA Tests are done mostly for peace of mind. However, there are cases when a DNA test may be intended for legal use. Legal DNA Tests in India have been used extensively for marital and property disputes, legal guardianship of a child, inheritance of property or will, and several other cases.

Many labs offer peace of mind DNA tests in India, but DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. is the only Indian company providing Legal DNA Tests in India. Due to the accuracy and precision of a DNA test, courts rely largely on them for certain cases mentioned earlier. Legal DNA Tests in India (often called a court-admissible DNA test) require following a chain-of-custody.

“Chain-of-custody” refers to conducting the sample collection in the presence of an honorable judge (who is hearing the case) or an authorized person appointed by the judge/court in accordance with government standards.

Legal DNA tests in India are used for the admissibility of its reports in court. The chain of custody plays an important role in maintaining transparency in the sampling process. Similarly, the test reports for the Legal DNA test in India are sent to the judge instead of the parties involved in the case. The same helps rule out manipulating the test report, making it authentic and admissible.

If you are looking for Legal DNA Tests in India, DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. is the answer for you. We are NABL certified and the only company to provide Legal DNA Tests in India.

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