Ancestral Genetics DNA Test

Ancestral Genetics DNA Test

Ancestral Genetics DNA Test is based on thousands of samples from populations around the world to detect DNA markers that can provide clues to your ancestral history. DNA Forensics Laboratory Private Limited strives to provide customers a simple and affordable way to unlock the ancestral secrets contained within their DNA. We are proud to offer a variety of services that allow each person to decide the level of ancestry to discover. Our goal is to continue to research new technologies and methods to provide people with a way to bridge the gap between their ancestral past and present.

There are four main types of genetic tests to estimate a person’s ancestry. We have created a permanent link between generations and it can be of great help in reconstructing family histories. In DNA research and testing, we focused on the use case to determine where you came from and where you can find living relatives.

We use Ancestry Informative Markers to make predictions about a person’s ancestry using genetic markers and can tell a person if they are likely to have Northern India, Southwestern India, Southeastern India, Western Siberia, Silk Road, Northeastern Siberia, Northern Mongolia and Eastern Siberia, Northeastern China, Sino-Tibetan and Hmongic Southeast Asia, Central Southern China: Yunnan and Guangxi, Tuva, Japan, Bougainville, Austronesian Southeast Asia, Papuan New Guinea, Austronesian Oceania and Arabia ancestry. These forecasts are based on statistics derived from the frequency, or even rarity, of certain genetic markers within populations.

DNA Ancestral origin Paternal linage testing

In paternal lineage test DNA is passed from father to son and relatively remains unchanged through many generations. Analysis of the Y chromosome can reveal the information about your paternal ancestry that is hidden deep inside your DNA. The test is based on the fact that the sons inherit their father’s Y chromosome and pass it on to their children.

Scientific evidence shows that modern humans evolved 400,000 years ago in Africa and began to move outward. Special sections on the Y chromosome, called tandem short repetitions (STR), are examined to determine a person’s haplogroup Y, revealing the geographical origin of their ancestors, as evidenced by common DNA markers.

Note: Only men have the Y chromosome, but if a woman wants to know more about her paternal ancestry, she can ask her brother, father or other member of the same paternal line to submit to the test.

DNA Ancestral origin Maternal linage testing

The maternal lineage test will allow you to trace the origins of your ancestors on your mother’s maternal side. The results of this test will help you identify the geographic areas where your maternal ancestors settled thousands of years ago, as well as their various movements over time.

The maternal line ancestry test examines a particular type of DNA called mitochondrial DNA. Mitochondrial DNA tends to have a very low mutation rate because it is passed from one generation to the next. Therefore, the mitochondrial DNA found in the mother will tend to be very similar to that found in her children, leading to a process in which the same DNA will be transmitted for several thousand generations.

As a result, genetic research has revealed that there are large groups of people, called haplogroups, which have the same genetic profile in their mitochondrial DNA. By combining science and history, an association has been established between these particular groups and the various regions of the world where they have settled in history.

Ancestry DNA Origins

Ancestry DNA Origin fills the void by giving you a complete picture, taking into account the contributions of parents outside direct maternal and paternal lineages. All these estimates are represented by ancestral estimates for four populations: European, Amerindian, African, sub-Saharan and Eastern. It is important to remember that these “populations” actually mean a group of people with common ancestry and that there is natural migration between these groups over time.

The Ancestry DNA Origins test examines the markers found in your 22 pairs of autosomes. As you may remember, you receive a copy of each pair of chromosomes from your mother and a copy of your father. You may find that some of your ancestral proportions may not meet your expectations. The interpretation of your results in the context of your physical appearance is also discussed at the end of this page.

GPS Origin

GPS Origins ancestry DNA test allows you to find your DNA’s origin by taking deeper into your family history beyond other ancestry DNA tests. Each human population is composed of a mixture of these gene pools.

GPS testing technique assumes that each DNA signature is unique, but shares many characteristics with the populations or tribes from which it originates. It combines the latest research in genetics with a new technique of ancestral tracking which is called Geographic Population Structure (GPS) to identify your DNA origin precisely. It includes a complete ancestral inheritance including migrated roots with important historical events and date stamps to describe your DNA evolution over time. The GPS Origins test is highly accurate but it could be affected by the origin of the family. If both of your parents are from the same country or geographical location, the test result will be accurate but slightly different if both parents are from different continents. The test may be performed using a swab specimen.


Ancestry DNA tests has the capacity to discover your ancestry history related to particular towns, cities, or villages. Traditional ancestry DNA test has a capability to detect broad continental regions related to your DNA with limited information. GPS technique identifies when and where your DNA formed by matching the populations that came together to create a genetic line leading to you and traces the migration route of both your maternal and paternal lineages back to their origins and dates the age of your DNA signature.
We provide the most precise and advanced ancestry test report and provides detailed stories helping to explain DNA mixture events such as wars, famines and migrations

Sample collection kit

Sample collection kit comprises of a cheek swab that is for collection of sample with literature of instructions to be followed while collecting the sample.

A Descriptive personalized report of Ancestry Test

You will receive an ancestry test report listing your unique DNA mix and the migration journey from your deep genealogical heritage.

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